2018 July 10th - meeting notes

Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC)

Exercise / Physical Activity as Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG)
Launch meeting:10th of July 2018

Attendees introduced themselves and provided an overview of their areas of interest.

Download and view the presentation from the meeting

Common areas of interest included:

  • The prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases through sustaining and increasing physical activity, and adopting a physically active lifestyle
  • Development of new physical activity interventions for delivery in primary care     

The focus of the SIG was discussed:

  • It was agreed that linking to public health messages and opportunities via primary care was important. 
  • Physical activity interventions that focused on the person, and those that focused on specific health conditions were both recognised as important and of interest.
  • Physical activity training opportunities were also felt to be useful for the group, in addition to sharing learning through research.

Other opportunities for the SIG were discussed:

  • There was support for the idea of a webinar as a mechanism for shared learning
  • The SIG was also recognised as a good opportunity for developing collaborations around primary care based physical activity research 
  • Ongoing communication between SIG members could occur via email or other social media e.g. Yamer (a social networking service used for private communication within the SIG), Twitter, Research Gate

Next steps:

- SIG leads (MH and EH) to review the SIG aim and objectives in light of the above discussions to see if any changes to these are required

- SIG leads to consider development of a webinar (one option could be around the development of novel physical activity interventions)   

- SIG leads to explore the best method of ongoing communication between SIG members