2020 CV SIG

The Cardiovascular Research SIG, for individuals interested in cardiovascular care for primary care, met for the first time in July 2019 at the SAPC ASM in Exeter. We (n=12) met again in February 2020 and had planned to meet face-to-face at the SAPC ASM in Leeds, July 2020. Unfortunately, this meeting was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The associated increase in both clinical and academic workload meant that no further SIG meetings were arranged for 2020. We hope to kick start further SIG meetings from Spring 2021 onwards.

We have previously discussed how researchers and clinicians within our SIG can support each other and suggestions are listed below:

  • Peer review of grant applications/manuscripts for publication
  • Volunteer as steering group members for ongoing projects
  • Collaborate on grant applications/research projects
  • Share existing datasets for further analyses/collaborations

We have created a proforma so that members of the SIG can share datasets/collaborate and we hope, that once the content is finalised, that SAPC will host this on their website.

We have also discussed adding SAPC SIG member profiles (or at least a link to each member’s institutional profile) to the SAPC website, so that members can be approached for peer review, collaborative working etc.

We plan, in 2021, to host a CV SIG activity day (face to face, if circumstances allow – if not, we will seek alternative online platforms), where researchers and clinicians (some of whom have met for the first time, through affiliation with SAPC) can meet to discuss ideas and plan future collaborative work. This would likely not be possible, without the support from SAPC.

Future ideas for discussion at our next meeting may include:

  • Creating a twitter handle for CVSIG
  • Hosting a Twitter fest – e.g. tweet favourite CVD work from 2020/2021 To get conversation flowing.
  • Seeking collaborations between SIGs
  • Creating newsletters to summarise activity from SIG members
  • Hosting keynote or mini presentations at CV SIG
  • Hosting talks on tips for presenting / scientific writing / systematic reviews / research skills.
  • Attracting ECRs
  • Blogging
Special interest group: