2016 Annual report of the Behaviour Change Group

The aim of the group is to promote research incorporating health behaviour change in primary care.

The group was started in 2015 with the inaugural meeting held at the SAPC conference in Oxford on 8th July. The first meeting was attended by 25 members from various disciplines and departments. The aims of the group were discussed and the chairs invited discussion from attendees on how the group could work best for members.

The second meeting of the SIG was held at the SAPC conference in Dublin on 7th July 2016, 29 members attended. Members were provided with an update of activities in the first 12 months. Attendees were invited to contribute on plans to map the behaviour change research happening in UK primary care departments.  The group discussed opportunities for holding a one day workshop on developing behaviour change interventions in primary care. This workshop is currently being planned and is hoped to be held in October 2016.

Notes from both meetings are available from Sarah Tonkin-Crine on request.

The group currently has 59 members on the mailing list and new members are always welcome.

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