Prof Theo Verheij

Photo of Professor Theo Verheij
Professor of General Practice, UMC Utrecht, div. Julius Centrum

Speaking on Friday 8th July at 09.00

Patient safety issues and infectious disease

After his medical training at the Leiden University Medical Center, Theo Verheij worked as general practitioner in Noordwijk from 1987 to 1997. He got his PhD at Leiden University in 1995 after writing a thesis on Acute Bronchitis in General Practice. In 1997 he was appointed full professor of general practice at the University Medical Center Utrecht. His focus of research is infectious diseases in primary care and antibiotic use in outpatients.

He was and still is involved in the implementation of research in clinical practice for instance by contributing to guidelines on infectious diseases and by advising on monitoring and improving antibiotic use in the Netherlands and Europe. He combines his scientific work with part-time clinical work at one of the academic primary care health centres of the Julius Center, UMC Utrecht.