Mark Gilman

Mark Gilman

Guest lecture on Wednesday 12th July at 17.40

Mark Gilman established Discovering Health following over 30 years of research, policy and practice experience in designing health and social care systems to promote ‘recovery’ from ‘addictions’. Mark was the national lead for recovery in Public Health England (PHE). Mark left PHE in July 2015 in order to work in consultancy with a range of individuals and organisations dedicating to improving health and wellbeing and facing the challenges of health inequalities head on. Mark chose the term ‘Discovering’ health as opposed to ‘Recovery’ because it is clear that the road to health and wellbeing is a journey of discovery and progress. One of the first discoveries that people make is that they have more than one ‘addiction’ and they need to make progress on a range of health and wellbeing issues.

Mark Gilman presents the 4th Helen Lester Memorial Lecture

Introduction by Professor Kate O'Donnell (Weds 12th July 2017)

Discovering Health with Meaning and Purpose