Dr Shannon Barkley, MD

Shannon Barkley
Keynote speaker ASM 2019

Thursday 4th July 09.00 - 09.45

Delivering on the Declaration of Astana:  From vision to action on primary health care

Dr Shannon Barkley is the Technical Officer for Primary Healthcare Services at the World Health Organization, where she served as the Technical Lead for the Global Conference on Primary Health Care. She completed her MD at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and an MPH with an emphasis in International Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, followed by specialization in Family Medicine and additional specialization in Advanced Hospital Medicine at Swedish Medical Center.  Her current work supports implementation of Primary Health Care as well as the WHO Framework on integrated, people-centred health services and the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative.  Throughout her career she has been involved with the development of effective primary health care among underserved communities globally through direct service provision, health workforce education, service delivery policy, and monitoring and evaluation.

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