Dr James Prior

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

James gained his undergraduate (BSc Sport Science) and postgraduate (MSc by research) degrees from the University of Central Lancashire in 2003 and 2005 respectively. He subsequently took up a research post at the University of Central Lancashire, investigating a new method of diagnosing osteoarthritis by recording high-frequency sound emitted from the knee joints.

In 2008, James moved into the area of primary care research by joining the Research Institute (RI) for Primary Care and Health Sciences at Keele University, allowing his continued focus into osteoarthritis, but in epidemiological and health services research areas. This post also provided James with the opportunity to undertake a PhD in epidemiology. Upon completion of his PhD in 2013, James moved into a new role of Research Associate on the RI's Inflammatory Condition Programme, focusing on the primary care epidemiology of several conditions, including gout, giant cell arteritis (GCA) and polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR).

Within SAPC, James has several roles as an executive committee member. His principal role is as the communications lead, ensuring that the primary care community can access clear information on what activities SAPC is undertaking to improve academic primary care and updating the SAPC website and social media accounts. James also supports fellow committee members in work around supporting the careers of early academics and working with other stakeholder groups to promote academic primary care to wider fields of the healthcare community, patients and commissioning groups.


Articles on this site

03 May 2018

SAPC has instigated a number of initiatves to support the careers of primary care academics involved in education and/or research. We have groups dedicated to supporting the needs of academic GPs, non-clinical members (Primary Healthcare Scientists - PHoCuS members), Early Career Academics, We run career development workshops, a mentorship scheme, as well as offering a range of prizes. The SAPC Ambassador role is relatively recent and offers opportunities for people to join the work we are doing whilst developing new skills and career opportunities.

06 Apr 2018

Why is it important for SAPC to engage with other organisations?

Our engagement work supports the aims of the society: to advance primary care through education and research; build and support a vibrant academic primary care workforce; and, create impact through supporting collaborative action. Our engagement activity has an important role in: