Dr Hugh Alberti

Keynote speaker ASM 2022

SAPC ASM 2022 Wednesday 6th July, keynote during the joint session SAPC/ASME 11.00-12.40

Presentation: Undergraduate GP educational research: So what?

Undergraduate medical placements in General Practice have become a core foundation of medical school curricula in most countries worldwide and a body of research of these placements is slowly emerging.  So what? What does and can this knowledge do to inform GP educationalists and what are the implications for all medical educators and all primary care academics?

By taking a journey from the emergence of GP undergraduate medical education through to the current knowledge base, we can start to explore, plan and dream the future of GP education, and therefore medical education and academic primary care.  But a warning: this journey may be provocative, contentious and controversial!


Dr Hugh Alberti is Sub Dean for Primary and Community Care, in the School of Medical Education at Newcastle University.  He is head of GP teaching and leads the team of GP lecturers across the regional medical school. 

He has developed a 20-strong GP educational research group consisting of research fellows, teaching fellows and academic GP trainees.  He supervises several GPs and trainees undertaking doctorate degrees and he is passionate about developing a career pathway for GP educationalists, from the undergraduate to qualified GPs. His research focuses on all aspect of undergraduate medical teaching including career choice influences, patient involvement, national surveys and studies on role-modelling, sustainable healthcare teaching and remote consulting.  He has also been influential in implementing and researching the largest LIC (longitudinal integrated clerkship/placement) in the world. 

He is a GP partner and trainer at a large inner-city practice in Middlesbrough.  In his spare time, he is a family man who aims to fight climate change; he used to be a triathlete.


Link to profile at University of Newcastle