Dr Helen Atherton

BSc, MSc, MPH, PhD.
2017 organising committee, former executive team member, Early Career Academic Group Lead 2012-2016
Assistant Professor in Primary Care

Previous early careers representative (2013-2016) and general executive committee member (2012-2016). 


Areas of interest: I am a health services researcher primarily working on alternatives to the face to face consultation in general practice, specifically on the use of email for consultation between GPs and patients. I have a broader interest in eHealth related topics, including the impact of the internet on the GP consultation, the use of digital communication methods in secondary care settings and for self-management and the use of internet-based interventions for e-therapy. Methodological interests include systematic review, development and evaluation of complex interventions using mixed methods and application of internet based interventions.

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27 May 2016

19th May, University of Manchester

The SAPC early careers working group held their first networking and career development day on the 19th of May, kindly hosted by the University of Manchester.