SAPC Principal Investigator of the Year Prize

How good is your Principal Investigator?

It’s competition time! Here at SAPC, the search is on again for the best, the most dedicated, and the most successful primary care Principal Investigator. But we’re not interested in grants, or papers, or prizes. Oh no: we’re interested in something much more important than that. We want to find the star PI who provides exceptional support, leadership and encouragement for their team through the highs and lows of research, careers and life. Does your PI pay particular attention to facilitating opportunities for your development? Are they always looking out for the paper you should be writing, the Fellowship you should be applying for, or the conference you could be presenting at? Are they great at appraisals and reviews, understanding of your needs and concerns, and supportive in your career? Have they gone out of their way to help when things haven’t gone as planned? In short, who gets the prize for being an inspiring and dedicated leader? We want to know! We’re looking for examples of great practice to inspire all Principal Investigators to better support their early career research staff. And if your PI is selected as “Primary Care PI of the Year” there’s a great prize for them to say “thank you” for going the extra mile.


Please contact Sue Stewart

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Application process: 

How do I nominate my PI?

Simply send us a statement of 200 words or less outlining why your PI should be “PI of the year”. Let us know what it is about them that has particularly impressed you and – if possible – any particular examples of what they have done to support you or your colleagues. Entries may be from an individual researcher or a team. Please submit only one statement per PI. We won’t tell the PI who nominated them.  

Please complete the form before the end of 31st March 2021.

How will the competition be judged?

Competition entries will be judged by the SAPC early careers working group, with input from the SAPC executive where necessary. We will judge entries solely on the basis of the statement submitted. Details of the winning PIs will be circulated to SAPC members explaining what it is they did to merit the award.

Awarding the prize

The prize will be awarded in the summer of 2021. The lucky PI will win a certificate to put up in their office, and of course, the ongoing respect of their peers and the academic primary care community.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021 - 6:00pm
Previous winners: 

2019 Professor Christian Mallen

2020 Professor Miriam Santer


A principal investigator is anyone who holds research grant funding and has staff working on their projects. They might have one member of their research team or twenty, but the qualifying condition is that they have grant money and have staff working on the grant, including you.