Continuing Professional Development for General Practitioners in Myanmar: a pilot programme

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Kerran Kandola
Myint Oo
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NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy


The Myanmar Government has ambitiously strategised to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2035. A key factor in the success of this will be improving the quality of general practice which currently is highly variable. Currently, no formalised system of revalidation exists for clinicians and so, engagement with continuing professional development (CPD) activities is sporadic.

The goals of this three month pilot CPD programme were to train general practitioners (GPs) in three key areas; (i) how to record their CPD activities and maintain a portfolio logbook, (ii) how to reflect on their learning, and (iii) how a future formalised CPD credit system could work.


Sixty one GPs were recruited in March 2019 and given training on the above. Logbooks were provided to complete as they attended a simultaneous three-month GP training course organised by the GP Society of Myanmar (GPSM). At the end of the pilot the GPs were asked to submit a survey alongside their logbooks for evaluation, these were marked and individualised feedback given.


100% of GPs agreed the pilot helped them to understand how to maintain a CPD logbook and they would now be more likely to continue to do so (retention rate of 67%). Most GPs (95%) also understood the level of importance of keeping a record of CPD activities as being “extremely” or “very” important. Finally, all GPs surveyed felt a credit reward system, used as evidence of CPD participation, would positively influence their future engagement with CPD.


Improving general practice is a key component in helping Myanmar develop its healthcare system; one step required is making engagement with CPD compulsory for the revalidation of clinicians in order to encourage active participation in this life-long learning process. The GPSM have already begun taking steps to implement this, and the above pilot CPD programme advocates in favour of the importance and likelihood of success of doing so.

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Kerran Kandola
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