Overseas GP recruitment: a methodology for comparing international GP training and healthcare contextual data with the UK

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Emily Fletcher
Anna Sansom, Emma Pitchforth, Gerens Curnow, Adrian Freeman, John l Campbell,
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University of Exeter Medical School


The UK has a GP shortage. Substantial overseas recruitment targets have been set. Doctors from European Economic Area (EEA) countries can join the UK’s GP Register under European law. Non-EEA doctors must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for General Practice Registration (CEGPR), demonstrating equivalence to UK-trained doctors. CEGPR can be time-consuming and burdensome. To meet overseas recruitment targets, it is important to determine the most efficient route into UK general practice whilst maintaining registration standards and patient safety.


We developed a methodology to map GP training and healthcare contextual data from an overseas country to the UK. Four stages were undertaken using desk-based research and stakeholder interviews: i) developing a data collection template, ii) conducting a case study (Australia), iii) refining the data collection template, and iv) creating a mapping framework. The case study used the 2016 curricula for both UK and Australia.


Five ‘domains’ were included in the data collection template: Healthcare Context, Training Pathway, Curriculum, Assessment, and CPD/Revalidation. The final data collection template comprised 50 mapping questions across the five domains. The methodology included application of a red/amber/green rating to indicate similarity of data across the five domains. Australia was rated ‘green’ for Training Pathway, Curriculum and Assessment, and ‘amber’ for Healthcare Context and CPD/Revalidation; Australia’s overall rating was ‘green’.


We developed a robust, systematic methodology for mapping GP training between different countries and the UK which will support the international GP recruitment agenda and help to sustain and grow the UK’s GP workforce.

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Emily Fletcher
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