Identifying the top 10 primary care research priorities from SAPC stakeholders using a modified Delphi method.

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Frank Sullivan and Virginia Hernandez Santiago
Author institutions: 
University of St Andrews


To identify a set of international primary care research priorities to guide resource allocation and research agendas.

Intended outcome

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to

  1. Describe the primary care research priorities presented at the WHO Global Conference on Primary Care in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2018.
  2. Discuss the extent to which these could be priorities for SAPC members.


After a brief orientation to the 2018 PLOS One publication: ‘Identifying top 10 primary care research priorities from international stakeholders using a modified Delphi method’: participants will undertake a 2 round discussion process. Participants will suggest up to 2 additional priorities; vote on the new suggestions merged with the original 10; discuss the top 15 and finally vote to produce the SAPC research priority list.

1. How can primary care best address the social determinants of health and promote health equity?

2. How should primary care be financed, organized, and staffed?

3. How best can universal health coverage be achieved in low and middle income countries?

4. How should primary care performance be measured?

5. What are the most effective ways to translate knowledge and evidence into primary care?

6. What are the most effective interventions to improve functional ability and quality of life in people with multimorbidity?

7. What are the best ways to involve patients in the design and delivery of primary care?

8. How can Indigenous communities’ knowledge be integrated into the provision of clinical services at the individual level?

9. How can primary care best promote healthy behaviours in the population?

10. What are the effects of using electronic communication (including email, text messaging and electronic health record access) in the delivery of primary care?

Intended audience

Suitable for all conference delegates.