Workshop 2: Critical appraisal and peer review: an introduction

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Roger Jones, Euan Lawson
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Facilitators: Roger Jones Editor BJGP Euan Lawson Deputy Editor BJGP

Selective publication of research papers on the basis of well-conducted peer review is an important means of ensuring the quality and reliability of the evidence base for general practice and primary care. The British Journal of General Practice is committed to training and supporting its reviewers through the provision of online material, workshops, and feedback on review quality.

In this workshop the Editor and Deputy Editor of the Journal will briefly describe the the process of peer-review, the essentials of critical appraisal, and the assessment of review quality, as the basis for discussion and question and answer sessions.   

The educational objectives of the workshop are to provide less experienced reviewers with an introduction to peer review, signposting them to resources and introducing them to the principles of critical appraisal, and to make them aware of some of the current issues in peer-review for medical journals.    

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Roger Jones