WK 5: How can medical schools improve recruitment and retention of GPs teaching medical students in General Practices?

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John Barber, Hugh Alberti, Bob McKinley
Facilitators: John Barber (Department of Primary Care and Population Health, University College London) Hugh Alberti (School of Medical Education, Newcastle University) Robert McKinley (School of Medicine, Keele University)

Some medical schools are experiencing increasing challenges in recruiting and retaining GP teachers. Recent qualitative research gathering the perspectives of GP teachers about the facilitators and barriers to participation in undergraduate teaching in primary care and a recent questionnaire to heads of GP teaching seeking ‘top tips’ for recruiting and retaining GP teachers have identified ways to increase GP teacher numbers. Informal discussion between academic GPs at different medical schools suggests schools may be using very different methods to recruit GP teachers. The SAPC ASM offers an opportunity to bring members of UK primary care departments together to discuss ways we can all improve our recruitment and retainment of GP teachers.   

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John Barber