Postgraduate Masterclass: Educational Research in Primary Care

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Sophie Park
Panel Members: Prof Peter Bower, Prof Kay Mohanna and Dr Anne-Marie Reid


This session is a new and exciting addition to the SAPC ASM programme, hosted by the SAPC Education Research SIG.

This session aims to:

Facilitate challenging and supportive discussion of postgraduate research-in-progress about education research in primary care.

Support current and future engagement in this field through showcase and development of on-going postgraduate research in this field

Foster collaborations across primary care and education research to strengthen methodological approaches.



Brief introduction to the session, work of the educational research SIG and panel members

Each doctoral presentation will last 10 minutes. Presenters will outline which elements they would welcome feedback about (e.g. research questions; epistemological framework; method; analysis)

Each presentation will be followed by a 20 minute discussion with the cross-disciplinary invited panel and audience.

To finish, there will be a 15 minute structured discussion about ‘next steps’ for educational research in primary care and how the SIG can further support this field at both regional and national level.



Lindsey Pope, Jill Morrison, Susan Jamieson, University of Glasgow

General Practice: A case study of the continuum of medical education

Vitor Hugo Lima Barreto, Sophie Park, Greta Rait, Caroline Pelletier, University College London

Discourse analysis of general practice in medical education: a comparative study of discourse on general practice in undergraduate medical education policy in Brazil and the UK


Intended Audience: All welcome. We particularly welcome cross-disciplinary perspectives to broaden understandings about how particular topics might be problematized and methodologies used to produce knowledge. Submission of abstracts were open to current masters and doctoral researchers in educational research in primary care.

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Sophie Park