Methodological issues in conducting dementia research in British ethnic minorities: A systematic review

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Nadine Mirza
Waquas Waheed, Nadine Mirza
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The University of Manchester


Ethnic minority groups make up over 13% of the total population of the UK, within a continuously increasing number of elderly within these groups. Therefore, it has been found that ethnic minority groups have a generally higher risk for developing dementia as compared to their Caucasian counterparts. A 2007 report relayed that over 11,300 people from minority ethnic groups were diagnosed with having dementia in the UK, and this number will only continue to increase. Yet, despite this, current dementia research is not equipped to cater to these minority ethnic groups in terms of their methodology, resulting in issues and difficulties.Currently, there is no existing collation of information that details the existing methodological issues researchers face when including ethnic minority groups within dementia research. Without a compilation of such information a systematic set of standardised solutions and procedures to negate existing issues cannot be devised. Furthermore, future researchers may continue to face the same issues, with no standard protocol to guide their research.


We have conducted a systematic review, searching EMBASE, PsychINFO, Medline and CINAHL. All titles, abstracts and then full texts have been screened according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Publications that focus on dementia research, both qualitative and quantitative, conducted among ethnic minority groups in the United Kingdom have been included.Information is being extracted regarding the methodological issues faced by the researchers. Once all the publications have been read through the extracted information will be combined, resulting in a collation of singular methodological issues, listed in a standardised format. Related methodological issues will be grouped and overarching themes will be identified along with proposed solutions.


We have finally selected 26 papers that describe dementia research in British ethnic minorities. We are extracting data on all methodological issues researchers face whilst conducting the research. The findings will reveal existing themes on methodological issues with underlying subthemes and possible solutions.


By identifying and providing a collation of all reported methodological difficulties and issues within dementia research that effect British ethnic minority groups we can effectively establish this review as the starting point for devising long term solutions to these issues. A review of these issues can also be utilised by future dementia researchers to identify any gaps in their methodology when conducting dementia related research within ethnic minority groups. This review will facilitate dementia research among British ethnic minorities.

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Nadine Mirza
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