Longitudinal Clerkships in the Medical School Curriculum

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Jenny Blythe
Ann O'Brien, Will Spiring, Aash Bansal
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Community Based Medical Education, Barts and the London


Drivers to increase proportion of undergraduate medical education in a community setting.

Emerging evidence to suggest of benefit to students academically.



Subsection of year 3 'Met 3B' (renal, endocrine, infection) cohort to spend two days per week for seven weeks of term in primary care compared with traditional model of one day a week for four weeks.

"A key innovative component of the LIC has been the "virtual home visit", run as a plenary session with students. After being given a clinical scenario, students then watched a film of a home visit to that patient’s home and were then invited to comment on home adaptations and the work of members of the MDT involved in the patient care2.


comparable satisfaction rates on Likert scale feedback plus comparable exam results. POsitive qualitative feedback.


Expansion of programme to more students in module-50% of year 3 cohort in current academic year.

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Jenny Blythe