The experience of young people in patient and public involvement (PPI) for palliative care research

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Sarah Mitchell
Mohini Samani, Aatif Sayed, Molly Seaborn, Jane Coad, Anne-Marie Slowther, Jeremy Dale
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Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL & NIHR CRN West Midlands Young Persons Steering Group


Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is an integral part of research. Evaluating the experience of PPI group members and the impact of PPI is important. This abstract describes an evaluation of the experiences of young people providing PPI for a palliative care research project.


PPI group members were asked to provide anonymous written feedback on any aspect of their PPI experience related to this research project, using a method based on “Tell Me…”, as outlined in RCPCH & Us Recipes for Engagement. An inductive thematic analysis of the feedback was conducted using NVivo.


Feedback was provided by all 16 young people who attended the session. Two overarching themes were identified:

1. Engagement in the research. Group members want the PPI work to have an influence on the research, and for the research to have an impact. Benefits to young people included opportunity to learn both about the topic and about research more widely.

2. Relationship with the researcher. Rapport allows the discussion of sensitive topics. Young people want a the researcher to listen, respond and demonstrate the results of their PPI in the research.


PPI in palliative care research can be a fulfilling experience for young people despite the sensitive subject. The relationship with the researcher and the conduct of the PPI work are important factors. Young people report motivations for their involvement as the subject area, a desire to have influence on the research process and for the research to have impact.

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Sarah Mitchell
Funding acknowledgement: 
This is patient and public involvement work being carried out as part of an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (DRF-2014-07-065)