Research method courses for professionals within primary health care during 2010-2015

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Lena Nordeman
Eva Larsson, Christina Vestlund, Eva de Fine Licht
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Närhälsan Research and Development Primary Health Care Region Västra Götaland Sweden, Närhälsan Centre of Clinical Education in Family Medicine Region Västra Götaland Sweden, University of Gothenburg Sahlgrenska Academy Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology Department of Health and Rehabilitation Unit of Physiotherapy Sweden


Primary health care is a knowledge intensive organization where valuable innovation can be used and developed through scientific competence. The professionals who work in the first-line health care need to have a wide range of skills in order to achieve the goals and medical scientific skills are required to be a specialist. In 2008 and 2015, new curriculums for specialist training were handed out from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. The R&D centers within primary health care (PHC) got the assignment for the sub-goal to achieve competence in medical scientific approach for resident physicians in family medicine. This sub-goal includes a research method course, planning, performing and writing an individual work according to scientific principles. For the supply of competence in medical scientific approach, the R&D centres in PHC, Region Västra Götaland gives courses in research methodology and gives supervision by PhDs, from planning to implementation of projects.


At the four R&D centers in PHC in the Region Västra Götaland Sweden, Närhälsan, Research and Development Primary Health Care, the Centre of Clinical Education in Family Medicine, and Research and Development Odontology are sharing facilities and personnel, which facilitates and stimulates planning, communication and multidisciplinary research networking. Various research method courses are given. Some of these courses offered are given in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and some are medical scientific project learning courses and seminars on the latest news. The research method course given in collaboration with the institute of medicine, the unit of primary health care at the University of Gothenburg, is equivalent to five weeks full-time university studies at an advanced level, and gives 8 higher education credits. Moreover, specific research courses for managers are given regularly and aims to provide knowledge of the research process, which facilitates communication between scientists and the manager and provides support to practice evidence based care.


Five hundred employees in the Region Västra Götaland, Sweden have taken the research method courses offered by the R&D centers in PHC during 2010-2015. Seventy percent (350/500) were PHC employees and of these resident physicians in family medicine represents the largest group as the course is a compulsory part of their specialist training. The research method course at advanced level have been used within the education of Master and PhD degree. The knowledge which have been achieved by the research method courses have been used to start new projects, leading to publications.


The research method courses seems to contribute to increase the knowledge-capital, ongoing research and development projects and publication of articles.

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Lena Nordeman