The Annual General Meeting of the Society for Academic Primary Care will take place from 12.30 to 13.25 on Thursday 13th July 2017 during the 46th Annual Scientific Meeting at the University of Warwick 

Here are the papers:


Paper A - draft minutes from AGM 2016 Dublin

Paper B - Officers' report

Paper Ci - Treasurer's report - coming soon

Paper Cii - Accounts year end 31 May 2017

Paper D - Head of Teaching group report (HoTs), Head of Departments group report (HODs) will be given as a verbal report at the AGM

Paper E - GP Scholarship


Venue: Room 0.12 Ramphal Building

Copies of all the papers will be handed out at the AGM.

If there are any matters you would like to raise at the AGM please email Sue Stewart, SAPC Secretariat before 9am on Tuesday 11th July.