Reviewing career progression in APC

Departments of General Practice and/or Primary Care have been established in all medical schools in the United Kingdom and all now have at least one professorial chair in the discipline. These departments conduct substantial programmes of research, teaching and often service development. They are frequently linked with departments of community medicine and health services research and as well as attracting substantial research grant income, provide training environments for research fellows in academic general practice and primary care. The contribution of the departments to undergraduate teaching has risen sharply in recent years, so that they teach or administer between 10%-20% of the undergraduate clinical curriculum. There is often joint working with postgraduate general practice. Many departments are involved in service development and are developing close links with Primary Care Groups and Primary Care Trusts, particularly in relation to teaching, training, continuing professional development, clinical governance and audit.

P Rink, R Stacey, T Greenhalgh, B Delaney

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