Learning disability research group

Meeting on Tues 10th July 2018 at the Barbican Centre during the SAPC ASM 2018

About the Learning Disabilty research group

The LDRG was founded in 2012 by Dr Umesh Chauhan, Dr Matt Houghton and Professor Jill Morrison to provide academic support  work to improve the care for people with Learning Disabilities.

The group’s work is underpinned by a collaborative research approach: bringing together stakeholders from across multiple academic institutions and health care settings in order to develop expertise and disseminate learning.

Improving care for people with LD is a recognised priority for the NHS and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The LDRG SIG exists to drive improvements in care through excellence in primary care research.

Our work and expertise

Members of the SIG have distinct expertise in the specific needs of people with Learning Disabilities, the primary care context in which most care is delivered, and the methodological challenges of driving improvement in Learning Disability care through excellence in research. Dr Chauhan is a  GP and research lead for East lancashire CCG, Division 5 Lead for the North West Coast  for the CRN and holds an Honorary research post at the University of Central Lancashire.   Dr Houghton is GP and RCGP Clinical Lead for Innovation and Research.

Previous reports include an evaluation of the impact of the introduction of an NHS initiative to improve care for people with LD (the LD DES), led by Dr Chauhan

The group has also supported the development of national audit standards for learning disabilities.

Regionally the group has also supported the development of research group  focused on learning disabilities with the complex needs theme of the north West Coast CLAHRC (more details about this group will be provided soon).

Join us

The group meets annually at the SAPC national Conference, and through electronic contact through the year. To find out more, and to join the group please contact the SIG lead, Dr Umesh Chauhan.


Dr Umesh Chauhan