APC making a difference: tackling domestic violence

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The impact of our work was celebrated in the latest University Research Excellence review.

The IRIS study run by the University of Bristol Primary Care team aimed to tackle domestic violence through a novel training and support package for primary care.Domestic violence (DV) has a devastating public health, clinical and economic impact on women. It is also a major breach of human rights. IRIS (Identification and Referral to Improve Safety), a University of Bristol led randomised controlled trial of a training and support programme to improve the general practice response to DV, demonstrated a substantial increase in identification of victims and their referral to specialist DV services resulting in a subsequent reduction in recurrent abuse and improved quality of life. The programme has now been commissioned by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local authorities in 12 English localities and the training delivered to 122 general practices. The current annual rate of referral of victims of domestic violence from IRIS practices in England to specialist domestic violence agencies is 683 per year, with trial data indicating that at least 600 of these would not have taken place without the IRIS programme. The programme started implementation in Scotland in June 2013.