To develop innovative research ideas, collaborations and networks for primary care cancer researchers

  • Establish a network of researchers within SAPC with a shared interest in cancer research in primary care.
  • Provide a supportive platform to discuss and develop new collaborations, research questions and methods relevant to cancer diagnostics
  • To support the implementation of well-coordinated and interdisciplinary research in primary care cancer diagnostics that:
    1. Incorporates the interface between primary and secondary care;
    2. Facilitates communication between health care and health economics research;
    3. Provides strategic direction for policy-makers in cancer diagnostics.
  • To inform members about developments in the primary care cancer research community.



Dr Sam Merriel MBBS BMedSc MRCGP MSc

Cancer Research UK (CanTest) Clinical Senior Research Fellow, University of Exeter


Dr Brian Nicholson BSc MBChB MRCGP MSc

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford