Academic Primary Care Nurse for Nursing in Practice Editorial Board

Employment type: 
Part time

Closing date 24th September

Nursing in Practice is looking for an academic primary care nurse to join the editorial board (of three practic nurses) as a coopted member provisionally for a year. We are looking for a different / academic voice. 

What is involved

  • You will receive a payment of £350 for the year, which includes writing a couple of blogs / opinions (of around 600 words) a year.  There is the possibility to write more opinion pieces and to be paid separately for these.
  • You are requested to be on hand for any editorial advice in their area of expertise for content on our website and magazine, and reviewing clinical articles for the website and the magazine periodically.
  • Championing the journal
  • Attending two board meetings a year - one in June and one in December for brain storming and keeping up to date developments with the magazine and website. 

For further details and expressions of interest please email Emily Twinch, Editor.