Clinical Interactions Course (CLIC) and OSCE Lead for ScotGEM, Dundee

Employment type: 
Part time

Closing date 24 May 2021

Dundee Medical School is seeking an exceptional clinical skills educator to join us as a Clinical Interactions Course (CLIC) and OSCE Lead for ScotGEM.  This is a unique GP focused 4-year programme with a remote and rural nature.  Along with a GP led community based CLIC course that integrates all communication, examination, procedural and clinical reasoning components, this post offers a superb opportunity for imaginative leadership, evaluation and research.  CLIC is supported by a team of 20 Generalist Clinical Mentors, part time salaried GPs, who bridge between skills lab and related patient-based learning in the community setting.  Feedback on this approach has been outstanding.    

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