Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence in Primary Care (Qualitative), Manchester

Employment type: 

Closing date 10th July

University of Manchester

Faculty / Organisational Unit : Biology, Medicine & Health

Division : Population Health, Health Services Research & Primary Care

This is an exciting opportunity to join a team working on an Innovate UK-funded project developing and evaluating an artificial intelligence (AI) system to triage GP appointment requests in primary care – Patient Automated Triage and Clinical Hub Scheduling (PATCHS). The ultimate aim of PATCHS is to reduce GP appointment waiting times and increase availability for those that need them most. You will lead the qualitative aspect of this research programme, which will complement PATCHS’ quantitative evaluation. You will use observational and interview-based methods to understand how PATCHS is implemented in practice, and the factors affecting its use and uptake. Data collection will take place in GP surgeries in Salford and Manchester, with the opportunity to extend this to a hospital Emergency Department. Both qualitative and quantitative data will feed into PATCHS’ continuing development to iteratively improve its safety and utility. 

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