Clinical Impact Awards 2022 (Dates to be confirmed for 2023)

For Senior Academic General Practitioners

ACCEA is now ACCIA (@ March 2022) Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards - ACCEA website 

The awards have been reformed and details of the 2022 round can be found in the Applicants' quick guide 2022

The RCGP/SAPC process

Download the RCGP guidance document

Download the powerpoint slides of tips from the CIA Zoom held 10th May at 7pm 

When applying for a national Clinical Impact Award, applicants can nominate only one organisation as their National Nominating Organisation (NNO). 

The RCGP and SAPC have agreed with ACCIA that, for the 2022 round, the RCGP will be the sole NNO for SAGPs wishing to have their nomination from a primary care organisation. RCGP and SAPC have, however, agreed to work together on assessing and ranking applications. RCGP is responsible for providing citations and rank-ordering applications and will send these directly to ACCIA.

Completed Applications

It is up to SAGPs to ensure that paperwork is completed in time for the College’s deadline. The College will not chase those people who have submitted notification of intent to apply but have not submitted completed paperwork. Details of information needed by the RCGP are listed below. Please do not use abbreviations or acronyms in your documentation.

Full applications to the RCGP should consist of:

  • A copy of the formal application form. (If you have not already submitted your completed on-line application to the ACCEA by the RCGP deadline, you should nevertheless send a copy of your latest draft version to the College so it can be adjudicated).
  • Information for Citation: Please send a covering letter/email of no more than 900 characters (150 words) reminding us of relevant achievements. This should be phrased differently to the information given in your personal statement. Do not be over-modest; emphasise work you have done for patients, the NHS and the College/SAPC (or other relevant organisations) on a national or international scale (remembering that it is national impact that is considered most important in the guidance). Once the citation is submitted, the College would not normally show this to the applicant.

You will receive confirmation that the citation has been sent by accessing the online application system.

RCGP/SAPC cannot guarantee to provide citations for applications sent after the College deadline and the applicant will not be included in its ranking. You may submit directly to the ACCIA without a College citation. Regional committees pay a good deal of attention to citations and rankings from NNOs, however, so applicants should bear this in mind. Both documents should be sent to by Friday 20 May 2022 at 12:00 (noon). 


As soon as possible: notify of intention to apply for award, including your GMC number

ACCIA website opens for applications on 27th April 2022

Final deadline for applications to ACCIA 22nd June 2022 17.00


Friday, 20 May 2022 - 12:00pm

Eligibility According to current guidance

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • “employed by an NHS organisation (in England or Wales), DHSC or its arm’s length bodies, the Welsh Government or similarly associated Welsh Government organisations, a university, medical or dental school, or local authority. Applications from employees of other organisations may be eligible, including those on consultant contracts providing contracted out NHS services. Please contact us at before you apply, if you need any clarification
  • an academic GP, if your responsibilities are the same as consultant clinical academic staff and you are fully registered with a licence to practise. You can apply for awards if you:
    • work at least half your hours as an academic GP
    • are a practising clinician providing some direct NHS services
    • do at least 5 PAs or equivalent sessions that help the NHS, including teaching and clinical research”

The eligibility of honorary contract holders for awards will be based on the contribution made to the NHS defined in wider terms than direct care to patients. For most SAGPs in England the honorary contract will be with NHS England.

As noted above, the entitlement to eligibility for an award is based on five programmed activities (or equivalent sessional time) beneficial to the NHS, including teaching and clinical research. Applicants should summarise the job plan agreed at their (Follett) joint appraisal between their NHS appraiser and University. It is important to include in the job plan all programmed activities spent on NHS work, including face to face contact with patients (one PA = 4 hours), patient and NHS related administration, supporting professional activities (continuing professional development, RCGP/SAPC work and national committees), hands-on clinical teaching, and hands-on clinical research. These activities should be distinguished from academic programmed activities including regional, national and international commitments to R&D, and contributions to the organisation and management of teaching (undergraduate, postgraduate, and academic training pathways).

Postgraduate Deans of Medicine and Dentistry are eligible for CIAs if they are ‘a definitive Postgraduate Dean appointed in competition from both General Practitioners and consultants and with responsibilities for postgraduate trainees across all specialties’.