Clinical Excellence Awards

For Senior Academic General Practitioners

This section will be updated once details of the 2020 round are known.

The 2019 round of Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs) opened on 7th February and the final ACCEA submission deadline was 5pm on Thursday 4th April 2019. 

SAPC is a nominating body for senior academic general practitioners for the Clinical Excellence Awards at national level.


SAPC is committed to support primary care clinical academics in their applications for national Clinical Excellence Awards.  As in previous years we will write citations, and score new applications. 

Timetables for applications are very tight this year, so we need to be rigorous in our procedures.  This means that, if you are considering making an application, you must be aware of two key deadlines:

  • 21st February (tbc): notification of request for SAPC support;
  • 5th March: submission of completed application and draft citation to SAPC (final ACCEA deadline is 5pm on 4h April).

If you don't adhere to these deadlines, we will not be able to support your application!

Gene Feder, Chair SAPC Awards Committee (from July 2018)


SAPC has produced some top tips to assist senior academic GPs considering applying for a Clinical Excellence Award.  Please also see RCGP's guidance which also applies to those seeking SAPC support.

Application forms (2019 forms available from 7th Feb) - the forms will be the same as in 2018 so these to begin preparing your application.

ACCEA login - for checking that you can login in readiness for completing the forms on-line when submission opens.  Any login queries must be directed to ACCEA.

Requesting support for your application

For support from SAPC please notify Sue Stewart, SAPC by 21st February

For support from RCGP please notify as soon as possible.

If you wish to apply for support from both SAPC and RCGP you must notify both organisations (SAPC by 21 Feb and RCGP asap) and submit your application forms and citation (max 1,350 character count) to both of them by 6th March to allow time for your application to be reviewed by their panels.


  • By the 21st February notify SAPC of your intention to apply for an award and request support of SAPC
  • By 5pm on 5th March 2019 send your application form and draft citation to SAPC - deadline is non-negotiable
  • ACCEA deadline 5pm on Thursday 4th April 2019


The standard 1350 characters including spaces and punctuation is the maximum you can include.

Guidance on writing your draft citation.


Application process: 

Visit the website for Clinical Excellence Awards

Thursday, 4 April 2019 - 5:00pm

Senior Academic GPs who are members of SAPC may request support from SAPC.