Posters 2017


Posters will be displayed through the conference.  Discussion will take place during the afternoon break on Wednesday but if presenters wish to indicate another time they will be available they will display this on the board.

Posters are located in the Lecture Theatre foyers on the first floor.

Lecture Theatre foyer 1

Board 1

Outputs and Growth of Primary Care Databases in the UK: Bibliometric Analysis

Zain Chaudhry

Board 2

Towards a general practice electronic health record definition of clinical OA

John Edwards

Board 3

Support versus stigma: How do  African faith organisations in the UK respond to HIV-related issues?

Caroline Mitchell

Board 4

Evaluating the effectiveness of Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) working within the Waltham Forest and East London Collaborative (WELC) Integrated Care Pioneer Programme

Salmaan Khan

Board 5

What makes patients use online consultations?

Harry Longman


Lecture Theatre foyer 2

Board 6

Why I did work experience at an Undertakers

Sarah Mitchell

Board 7

What can we learn from the evidence to inform the future organisation of general practice in England? What are the challenges of undertaking research in this area?

Luisa Pettigrew

Board 8

The educational value of medical student placements in Urgent Primary Care settings: a literature review

James van Oppen

Board 9

Older patients and those with long term conditions are less likely to be high users of walk-in appointments in general practice: a cross sectional study of electronic health records

Robert Williamson

Board 10

A mobile messenger app as a crowd-sourcing tool for general practitioners - a retrospective observational study

Thijs Spanhaak