SAPC ASM 2016 - Dublin - Posters

P2.01 Antivirals for Infectious Mononucleosis
P2.02 Alternatives to acute hospital care for older people: a patient / carer perspective
P2.03 Exploring factors that support rural older adults with chronic pain and maintain quality of life: a mixed methods study
P2.04 Research Priority Setting in Care Homes
P2.05 Five-year follow-up of participants in a randomised controlled trial examining the management of suspicious pigmented lesions in primary care
P2.06 Use of Unscheduled Care by Patients with Terminal Cancer.
P2.07 Does socio-demographic profile influence awareness of potential symptoms for lung or head and neck cancers in adults over 50?
P2.08 COPDPass- Patient Expertise Just A Breath Away
P2.10 Were NHS payments to English general practices in 2014-2015 associated with predictors of healthcare need?
P2.11 Improving risk factor management for patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes: a systematic review of non-pharmaceutical interventions in primary care and community settings
P2.12 A comparison of the ADO, BODE and DOSE scores for predicting respiratory hospitalisations in a primary care COPD Cohort
P2.13 Improving efficiency and effectiveness of outpatient services: a review of interventions at the primary–secondary care interface
P2.14 Missed Diagnostic Opportunities in UK General Practice: A Study to determine their Incidence, Contributing factors and Impact
P2.15 What does qualitative research on patients' experiences tell us about how to support safer prescribing of BZDs and z-drugs?
P2.16 Screening for cardiovascular risk factors in general practice patients: Who is being screened according to the guidelines?
P2.17 WITHDRAWN - How is drug safety monitored in UK primary care? Can we be sure that new drugs are safe to prescribe?
P2.18 Reconsultation and Antimicrobial Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection in Male and Female Patients in General Practice
P2.19 What are the effects of providing real-time population-based data on locally circulating microbes and syndromic presentations on clinician management of common infections in primary care? A quantitative systematic review.
P2.20 The RUTI trial: a feasibility study of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) for women with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (RUTIs)
P2.21 Evaluation of An Interactive Virtual Patient Database to teach Patient Management and Prescribing