SAPC ASM 2016 - Dublin - Posters

P1.01 Assessing baseline monitoring of liver function prior to statin therapy: an audit in general practice
P1.02 Management of infection after cat and dog bites – rational use of antibiotics?
P1.03 Patient participation in medical education (PatMed): a qualitative study of patient and student experiences of undergraduate medical education in general practice, developing findings of a systematic review
P1.04 The Contribution of General Practice Placements to Medical Education: A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis of the construction of general practice placement knowledge in published medical education research
P1.05 Alternatives to acute hospital care for people over 65 years of age at risk of potentially avoidable admission: a systematic review
P1.06 What is the relationship between internet use and use of different types of health and social care in older adults recruited via primary care?
P1.07 Community hospitals in selected high income countries: a scoping review of approaches and models
P1.08 Measurement of quality of life in carers of people with dementia: a systematic review of current instruments
P1.10 Post consultation symptom trajectories in children presenting to primary care with acute cough and respiratory tract infection: latent class analysis of the ‘TARGET’ prospective cohort study
P1.11 Small beginnings: A systematic review of interventions to improve the delivery of preventive healthcare for young children in general practice
P1.12 The role of patient and practice factors in primary care-centred management of diabetes in Ireland.
P1.13 Mulberry-Extract Reduces Total Blood Glucose Rises in Normoglycaemic Adults
P1.14 Improving Compliance to NICE guidelines for the Identification of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in General Practice (FAMCHOL)
P1.15 Faculty development as a team sport? Longitudinal engagement of all faculty across a multi-site academic practice.
P1.16 How can students develop management and leadership skills in primary care
P1.17 Smoking Treatment Optimisation in NHS Community Pharmacies (STOP): assessment of intervention acceptability, feasibility, and fidelity.
P1.18 How do service factors contribute to delay in specialist assessment for TIA and minor stroke?
P1.19 How do stroke survivors and their carers use GP advice on secondary prevention medications? Insight from an online forum
P1.20 GP response to cardiac arrest: an innovative response strategy
P1.21 What is the effect of trimethoprim/nitrofurantoin prescribing on the incidence and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of E. coli bacteraemia nationally at the GP practice level?