COVID-19 research - update from University of Bristol

Find out more about COVID-19 research at the University of Bristol's Centre for Academic Primary Care.?

  • Training GPs to identify domestic violence leads to dramatic increase in finding victims
  • Press release issued: 6 May 2020A training programme that teaches GPs how to identify domestic violence and abuse (DVA) victims has led to a 30-fold increase in DVA referrals, according to a collaborative study of 205 general practices led by Queen Mary University of London, in partnership with the Centre for Academic Primary Care, Bristol Medical School.
  • Investigating GP practices' response to the COVID-19 pandemic5 May 2020A new project led by researchers at the University of Bristol’s Centre for Academic Primary Care will collect intelligence about the demands on GP practices, the challenges, and the creative solutions practices have developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This information will be used to support GP practices more effectively.
  • New Better Care South West Partnership will join up data to improve and integrate care29 April 2020A new partnership led by the University of Bristol that will join up data and improve patient care in the South West has been announced by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) today [29 April]. The HDR UK Better Care South West Partnership is being awarded £1.2 million over three years to drive forward data-led research projects and join up the region’s considerable health data expertise.
  • Rapid research in the time of COVID-1924 April 2020Researchers at the Centre for Academic Primary Care are supporting the local applied research community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is being co-ordinated by NIHR ARC West.

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